How to Feast Your Way Thin: The new rules for fast, permanent fat loss you're not hearing about anywhere else! You can lose 10 to 15 pounds in just the first two weeks!

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Forget everything you’ve ever been told about weight loss...because now you’re going to discover the real secret to shedding fat and unwanted pounds—and it’s going to shock you!

Dear Frustrated Friend,

If you’re fed up with that extra layer of flab on your abs, thighs, butt, and arms…

If you’ve tried one weight loss plan after another and still can’t lose that ugly fat…

And if you’re sick and tired of counting calories, giving up your favorite foods, or living on bad-tasting shakes and bars…

Then I’ve got great news for you.

I’m going to show you an easy way to get in the
BEST shape of your life…with NO starving,
NO crazy eating plans, and NO exercise required!

You’ll NEVER go to bed hungry…

You’ll NEVER lack energy, suffer from “brain fog”, or feel old before your time…and

You’ll NEVER be stuck eating your special “diet meal” while everyone else around you is feasting on delicious, satisfying food—because you’ll be able to join them!

Best of all, you can eat this way and lose 10 to 15 pounds in just the first two weeks!

My name is Nate Miyaki, and I’m a fitness author, trainer, and nutrition expert. That’s me in the upper right photo with my 41-year-old wife, Kalai.

I’ve been featured in Shape, Men’s Health, Livestrong, and other leading fitness media. And I’ve even managed to win a few bodybuilding championships along the way.

But I wasn’t always this fit and healthy. In fact, when I was younger I was so chubby…

They used to call me “Baby Sumo”!

I grew up with five older brothers and an older sister. They were all skinny, and I came out of the womb looking like a big, dimply potato. My brothers were ruthless…I remember them saying, “Hey, fat boy, get over here!” They joked that our mom must have had a fling with the mailman who kind of looked like Santa Claus.

The nickname they gave me, “Baby Sumo”, dominated my childhood. The constant teasing was humiliating—it made me feel worthless and ashamed of my body. I hated the way I looked…but it also made me super-motivated to do something about it.

I began working out in high school and competed in football, track, and martial arts. Later I added in acrobatics, stunts, and pro wrestling. I achieved good levels of success in each sport, but I didn’t look the way I wanted to. Basically, my less-than-impressive physique was the result of my genetic destiny: a “skinny-fat” guy. So what does that mean?

It means that when I had my clothes on, I looked like I needed to gain some weight. When I took my shirt off, it looked like I needed to lose some flab. Here I was doing all this weight training—and I looked like I had never stepped foot into a gym in my life!

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You’ll discover:

  • Exactly when to drink coffee for a flatter belly
  • How to use coffee to create a "triple fat burning whammy"
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It didn’t help that I was eating nothing but processed junk food…

Right around then, my poor food choices began to catch up with me. You see, growing up in a house full of hungry kids and not much money in the bank, I ate a lot of bad, unhealthy food—like gas station doughnuts for breakfast, canned “spaghetti-O’s” for lunch, and fast-food tacos or fried chicken for dinner.

So when I began pursuing my goal at the time of being a natural bodybuilder (meaning without the use of performance-enhancing drugs), I knew I had to change my diet. Bulking phases left me fat, and competitive phases made me feel like I was starving and missing a normal social life.

That’s when I decided to try eating a low-carb diet. I filled up on meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and nuts — and few if any carbs. For a while, I felt great. But then…

  • I lost muscle mass and returned to a flabby, skinny-fat body even with all that exercising;
  • I caught every cold and flu virus that went around and was sick all the time;
  • My metabolism tanked, and I couldn’t lose weight despite hardly eating any food;
  • I had ZERO energy, had trouble sleeping, and could barely get by without a daily nap;
  • My mood changed from laid-back and happy to constantly irritated and depressed;
  • And the worst of the worst…my libido and sexual performance took a nosedive. That’s because my testosterone dropped to the level of a 70-year-old man!

How my low-carb diet turned me into
a flabby, sick, exhausted mess!

So how is it that this "healthy" eating approach made me worse off than before, even with working out all the time? It’s because following a low-carb diet left my body starving for the one thing it needed to help me look and feel great: CARBS!

That’s right, carbs! And I’m not talking about the carbs you get by eating bunches of broccoli and bananas, although those are great. I’m talking about good old-fashioned starchy carbs, like white rice and potatoes!

Many of these types of carbs are BANNED when you’re on most popular low-carb diets. But if you’re exercising regularly — as little as 3 times a week — your body is constantly in a pre-workout or post-workout state. And that changes everything! How?

Exercise creates a unique metabolic environment that changes how your body processes nutrients for up to 48 hours or more. In particular, strength training and other intense exercise deplete muscle glycogen stores. This causes your body to break down muscle for fuel if you’re not feeding it what it needs post-recovery.

That’s why you need to eat starchy carbs to:

  • Refuel energy reserves,
  • Build muscle,
  • Control insulin and blood sugar levels
  • Trigger serotonin release, and
  • Maximize fat-burning hormones, including testosterone and thyroid!

Even if you DON’T exercise, you still need to eat some carbs. That’s because as long as you’re not simply lying still on a sofa all day, you’re probably moving around going about your busy, day-to-day life. So if you don’t refuel your body’s energy reserves with carbs, you’ll feel dog-tired and run into some of the same “issues” I found myself facing on a no-carb diet.

How low-carb diets steal your energy, wreck your metabolism, and end up making you GAIN weight

Whether you exercise or not, when you don’t refuel your body’s empty glycogen tank with carbs, your mental and physical performance goes downhill quickly:

  • If you’re a woman, low-carb diets can impair your thyroid production and kill your metabolism…so you end up gaining weight (even if you’re barely eating anything), suffering from “brain fog”, and feeling exhausted all the time.
  • If you’re a man, eating low-carb can shatter your testosterone levels and wreck your metabolism, so even if you can get “in the mood”, you can’t do anything about it—and you feel too flabby to get naked anyway.
  • Whether you’re a man or a woman, that empty tank can leave you tired, depressed, and irritable…while making you lose muscle (exactly what you don’t want) and building up “stubborn fat” that seems almost impossible to lose!

Don’t get me wrong… most low-carb diets do get a lot of things right — namely, eating real, wholesome foods and steering clear of processed junk foods. And if you’re mostly sedentary, it’s best to limit starchy carbs if you want to lose weight. After all, if your glycogen fuel tank is already full, adding more fuel simply causes it to “spill over” and get stored as body fat.

But you can see why some rules are simply meant to be broken! The “no carbs” rule is one of them. Once I added starchy carbs back into my diet, the changes in my body were dramatic…and I was no longer a flabby, sick, exhausted, mess!

How white rice and potatoes gave me back my life
and helped build the body I always wanted

Eating carbs again helped me finally start gaining muscle and shedding flab. My energy levels went through the roof, and I went back to being a laid-back, happy beach dude. Best of all, my testosterone levels increased and I regained the normal, healthy sex drive and function of a young guy in his thirties!

Now when I work with clients, I show them the right way to add carbs back into their diet so they can get in peak shape. Paula is one such example.

When she contacted me, Paula was frustrated that her performance was suffering. She lacked that normal zip in her Crossfit workouts. Bikini season was approaching, and she felt a lot softer and flabbier despite more consistent and intense training.

Paula blamed both problems on being in her fifties, but once I found out what she was (and wasn’t) eating, I explained what the real culprit was: her low-carb, diet.

Combine that with doing Crossfit—one of the most glycogen-depleting forms of exercise on the planet—and it’s no wonder Paula was losing muscle. Plus her energy level and metabolic rate had plummeted, and even her thyroid wasn’t working properly.

I helped Paula add carbs back in to support her training. Six weeks later she was in her all-time best shape—ripped and fit in her 50s. She was down to 12% body fat, and as of a year later had maintained her results. Her transformation even blew me away!

But skipping carbs isn’t the only diet myth I discovered was completely wrong. I really started to see breakthrough results in myself and my clients once I started breaking this next “golden” rule…

The ultimate fat loss secret
(the diet police will NEVER tell you to do this!)

You’ve been hearing for years you need to eat like a king at breakfast…and like a pauper at dinner. The general rule of thumb is to give your body the most calories earlier in the day so you can burn them off. Then eat lightly at night so you don’t have all those calories just sitting there padding your butt, thighs, and stomach.

There are two BIG problems with this thinking. First off, it ignores basic physiology, or how your body actually uses the calories you take in. I’ll explain more about that in a moment.

Second, maybe you’re one of those people who hate eating breakfast. Or you simply don’t have time to cook up eggs or other filling foods before you have to run out the door to work or school.

On the other hand, you probably have more time at night to prepare a delicious, healthy meal…and savor the time you have with family, friends, business colleagues, or whoever you’ve having dinner with—even if it’s just you and the TV.

If any of this rings true with you, you’re going to LOVE what I discovered to be the ultimate fat loss secret that allows me, my wife, and my clients to achieve our ideal physiques without spending our lives obsessing about a hard-to-follow diet.

Eat BIG at night…and shed fat and flab for good!

Those crazy eating plans that require you to eat most of your calories early in the day or spread them out in six different mini-meals are not only impossible for most of us to follow in real life, they’re just plain WRONG! And they can end up making your belly, butt, and thighs BIGGER.

The truth is, what you want to do instead is eat your biggest meal of the day at night to shed excess fat and flab. Here’s why…

#1: Feasting at night rewards you psychologically—You’ll find it easier to eat lighter during the day if you know you’re going to be satiated and satisfied later (at least gastronomically). On the other hand, if you reward yourself with food all day and then try to sacrifice at night, you could end up cheating and binging on junk foods. Trying to cut calories at night goes completely against our evolutionary instincts, natural desires, business schedules, and social patterns. That’s why it rarely works in the real world!

#2: Feasting at night keeps you productive and mentally sharp all day long—Eating lightly during the day signals your body to produce energy while improving your mental alertness and cognitive function. Compare that to what happens when you eat large, carb-based meals during the day. Energy for digestion takes away from activity and productivity. They can also cause rebound hypoglycemia and make you sleepy, tired, lethargic, brain-fogged, and unable to focus! It makes much more sense to eat your bigger meal at night before you’re ready to hit the sack.

#3: Feasting at night refuels energy reserves and builds muscle while you enjoy the best sleep of your life—Eating a large, carb-based feast at night triggers serotonin release. This “feel good” hormone improves your mood and helps you relax for deep, health-restoring sleep. Those evening carbs also restock your body’s energy reserves. It’s like filling up your car’s gas tank after driving it all day. They also maximize muscle-building hormones and cellular factors to promote growth and repair while you’re blissfully asleep!

#4: Feasting at night helps you LOSE MORE FAT—When you eat lightly during the day and save your biggest meal (and starchy carbs) for night, you burn off more fat. This was actually proven in a recent study published in the medical journal Obesity. Over a period of six months, overweight men and women who ate most of their carbs at night lost more weight, fat, and inches off their abdominal area than those who spread their carbs throughout the day.

Crank up the fat-burning with a program that works for your life

I know this goes against everything you’ve been hearing for years. So how can eating big at night help you lose more fat?

It’s because if you save your biggest meal for dinner and eat lightly during the day, you’re controlling your insulin and blood sugar levels while maximizing your fat burning hormones. This gives you more time when you’re optimally burning fat. If you eat heavier during the day instead, those carbs spike blood sugar, slow fatty acid metabolism, and shut down your body’s ability to burn fat.

Even if you don’t exercise regularly, eating your biggest meal at night can have the same fat-burning effect. Your daily feast gives your body the raw ingredients it needs to build and maintain muscle, build up your energy reserves, recover from the demands of your busy day, and prepare your body for the next one…when your body kicks into its maximum fat-burning, energy production mode.

Feast Your Fat Away cover

No one else is telling you these common-sense, science-based truths about how to lose fat and keep it off. That’s why I’ve put together a sustainable, easy-to-follow program that works for the way you live your life. It’s called Feast Your Fat Away: The No-Hunger, Lean-for-Life Solution.

Finally! An easy-to-follow way to lose
all the weight you want and keep it off…and feel healthier
and more energized than you have in years!

I’m so certain Feast Your Fat Away will produce dramatic results for you, I invite you to try it for a full 60 days without risk. After all, this is the same eating approach that helped me go from “Baby Sumo” to “skinny fat” to the way I look today.

Whether you’ve got 10 pounds to lose—or 100—Feast Your Fat Away can work for you. And you’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll see results. Not only will you feel more energized and alert, you can drop as much as 10 to 15 pounds in just the first two weeks!

I’ve personally seen people use this program to transform their bodies and their health. I already told you about Paula, who despite doing intense exercise was getting flabbier and suffered from low energy. Once she started following this approach, she got down to 12% body fat at age 52 and got back that youthful zip!

Then there’s Jon, who used to weigh 340 pounds and was morbidly obese. Jon dropped the first 100 or so pounds using other means but had hit a wall once he reached the 230s. When he learned about my approach, he decided to give it a try. Jon now weighs 150 pounds and his body fat is in the 6% range!

And then there’s my older brother Pat—yes, one of the pack of older brothers who used to tease me and call me “Baby Sumo”. Pat is a busy lawyer who struggled with high cholesterol and blood pressure by the time he reached his early 40s. Then he had a severe allergic reaction to the high cholesterol medication his doctor put him on and he had to stop taking all medications.

I told Pat I thought he could bring his cholesterol and blood pressure levels down by following my program. By changing the way he ate—and nothing else, including exercise, Pat got his cholesterol and blood pressure under control without medication. As an added bonus, he dropped 15 pounds that had been padding his waistline and went down two sizes in his pants!

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Why Feast Your Fat Away works when
so many other diet programs FAIL

So why does Feast Your Fat Away work so well? I already explained how eating your biggest meal at night works with your body’s physiology to boost fat-burning and muscle-building. And I showed you how adding carbs back into your diet can give you even better results.

But here are some more reasons why this program works for everyone I’ve seen try it, when so many other diet approaches fail:

  • It’s NOT a one-size-fits-all program—With Feast Your Fat Away, you can choose from four different eating plans, and pick the one that best fits your lifestyle and personal preferences. You can skip breakfast, for example, or have 3 meals a day—just save your biggest meal for dinner. Use whichever approach works best for you, or switch off between several based on how your week or weekend is going.
  • You get to CHEAT—With Feast Your Fat Away, you get one “cheat day” a week where you can eat whatever you like! That’s right…you don’t have to give up ice cream, pizza, French fries, or other foods forever. And if you know you can have these foods once a week, you won’t be as tempted to cheat the rest of the time. Compare this to all-or-nothing diet programs that unrealistically expect you to eat perfectly and have superhuman willpower.
  • There’s NO exercise required—You can get great results with Feast Your Fat Away, even if you don’t exercise regularly or you’re too busy to increase the amount of time you already spend exercising. And if you do work out regularly, I’ll show you how to best gear your diet to the type of exercise you are doing so you get the maximum fat-burning and muscle-building results.
  • You eat delicious, healthy food you can easily find in restaurants or cook at home. Take a look at the tasty food you get to eat. During the day you can eat scrambled eggs, fruit, salads and other non-starchy vegetables, nuts, or a turkey burger or other lean meats. You won’t overfill your stomach, but you’ll never be starving, either. Then at night you get to feast on flank steak or filet mignon, mashed sweet potatoes, baked potatoes, white rice, salmon, shrimp, sushi rolls, chicken, jasmine rice, and other food you can easily find in restaurants or cook at home.
  • You don’t have to give up alcohol and the social life that goes with it. You can follow this program and still drink the occasional cocktail or glass of beer or wine. For best results, you’ll want to save the booze for your “cheat day”, but even if you don’t you can still lose fat if you’re following the rest of the program consistently, and especially if you’re exercising.
  • You can actually DO it—so you stick with it and get great results! You won’t starve, feel deprived, have your energy levels plummet, or turn into a moody, non-functioning mess when you follow this program. Instead, you’ll feel satisfied, energized, and happy—and begin to see dramatic results right away. You can drop as much as 10 to 15 pounds in just the first two weeks! Plus you’ll be able keep it off and drop more weight and shed fat since the plan is so sustainable.

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Feast Your Fat Away gives you 15 easy-to-follow lessons that
let you customize this program to work best for YOU

I give you everything you need to do this program and be successful. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to get into the best shape of your life—and you won’t believe how great you feel while you’re doing it! Here’s a quick walk-through of the 15 lessons I cover in your Feast Your Fat Away book:

  • Lesson 1: Focus on food choices

    What’s the one thing you need to do if you want to look good naked? It’s NOT exercise. It’s making the right food choices—at least most of the time. (Remember, you get a “cheat day” each week so you don’t have to stay super-disciplined all of the time!)

    In this lesson, I explain why a Paleo/Caveman/Cavewoman/Evolutionary approach to nutrition is the foundation of your diet and how it can guide you towards easily making the right food choices. Ninety percent of your results will come from this one step alone!

  • Lesson 2: Intermittent feast

    Human beings evolved on a fasting/feeding cycle. We spent the majority of our existence actively tracking, hunting, and gathering our food during the day—often with little ingested food. Then we spent the evening relaxing and feasting on whatever we could catch and gather.

    In this lesson, I’ll explain the physiological and scientific reasons why eating this way prolongs your body’s ability to burn fat until you hit the point of diminishing returns…while boosting your energy and brain power and building more muscle. You’ll understand why Feast Your Fat Away is a “lifestyle plan” rather than a quick-fix diet.

  • Lesson 3: Find the right meal frequency for you

    Beyond feasting on real foods at night (intermittent feast), the rest of your meal frequency and food distribution pattern is highly flexible. The optimum meal frequency pattern for you is the one that allows you to be the most consistent with your diet, gives you the best energy and cognitive function, and adapts best to your goals and lifestyle.

    In this lesson, I give you four different options you can use to test, assess, and find what works best for you in your day-to-day life. No matter how busy you are or how you prefer to eat, you’ll be able to customize this program to meet your needs.

  • Lesson 4: Intermittent fast

    As I just explained, the optimum meal frequency pattern for you is the one that allows you to be the most consistent. That said, if I was forced to pick the best way to speed up fat-burning and weight loss, I’d recommend combining intermittent feasting with its cousin, intermittent fasting.

    Now, this breaks yet another “golden” dieting rule. That’s because it requires you to skip breakfast and eat all of your calories at lunch and dinner. In this lesson, I’ll explain why this gives your body more time to burn fat…and do a better job of fueling your brain and body so you enjoy peak performance throughout your busy day.

  • Lessons 5 - 15: Everything else you need to know to get the results you want!

    Here’s a quick preview of what else you’ll discover in your Feast Your Fat Away book to help you lose fat fast and keep it off forever…

    • Why you need to eat fat to lose fat. You were meant to eat certain fats with protein or fiber. They not only boost fat-burning, they keep you from overeating and help you stay energized!
    • What “fake foods” are and why you need to avoid them. The label might say they’re low-calorie, but it’s what’s hidden inside these foods that make them ruin your health and waistline!
    • The truth about that “afternoon slump”—and how to avoid it. Make sure you never do THIS earlier in the day. Can make you sleepy, fatigued, and brain-fogged later!
    • Top six foods for feeling full. I never want you to feel hungry on this program. When you eat these tasty foods, you’ll always feel satisfied while you shed excess fat and pounds effortlessly!
    • And much more!

Get all this and more with your Feast Your Fat Away program

You’ll get all 15 eye-opening lessons in your Feast Your Fat Away book…along with food charts, micronutrient tables, unlimited access to a comprehensive food database, customizable fat loss or muscle gain templates, troubleshooting tips, and much more.

Plus to jumpstart your results with this program I’m going to send you an exclusive Feast Your Fat Away Quick-Start Guide. In your Quick-Start guide, you’ll get all of the following:

Quick-Start Guide
  • A handy checklist of things to do or have on hand before you get started on the program to help you see results fast;
  • A body composition and goal-setting sheet, so you’ll have your eye on the prize right from the start;
  • An easy-to-use shopping guide that makes it a snap to make the best food choices, even when you’re faced with temptation in the grocery aisle;
  • And much more!

Start feasting and losing fat today!
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This special introductory offer is only available for a limited time, so please don’t wait. Don’t you want to be able to get back to eating real, satisfying food—and finally drop those extra pounds and flab for good?

  • Imagine being able to fit into the pants you used to wear in high school again…look like a million bucks in that little black dress…or put on a bathing suit and feel great about how you look on the beach or at the pool…
  • Imagine not only looking toned and fit, but feeling years younger thanks to your non-stop energy levels, sharper thinking, and positive outlook on life—not to mention your glowing health and your doctor’s amazed look when you go for your next physical and your numbers have gotten miraculously better...
  • Imagine going through your day, not obsessing about food and eating just enough so you’re never starving—then ending your busy day with your family, friends, or business colleagues with an evening feast that helps you burn fat and build muscle while you sleep like a baby and awake rested and refreshed the next day…
  • Imagine undergoing such an incredible transformation in how you look and feel that’s easy to do and fits your life…for a small upfront investment of just $37!

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Exclusive Guide To Burning MORE Fat With A Cup Of Coffee — and Avoiding The Hidden Weight Gain Traps in Your Favorite Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop Fatloss Handbook

Do you want to melt flab with my Triple Fat Burning Whammy?

Then you’re in luck! It’s one of the sneaky tricks I use with my private clients. And it’s included in the FREE Coffee Shop Fat Loss Handbook you’ll be getting today with the Feast Your Fat Away system.

You see, when you do it right, coffee can be a powerful fat burning tool. But the mistakes you make at the coffee shop can completely ruin all your fat burning in an instant.

The Coffee Shop Fat Loss Handbook shows you exactly how to AVOID the weight gain traps hiding in your favorite coffee shop, and how to use coffee strategically to ACCELERATE your fat burning instead.

You’ll discover:

  • Exactly when to drink coffee for a flatter belly
  • How to use coffee to create a "triple fat burning whammy"
  • Which drink actually enhances coffee’s fat burning power
  • And much, MUCH more…

This is not information that I normally make available to the public. But I want you to have it today for FREE with the complete Feast Your Fat Away lifestyle and nutrition system.

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What are you waiting for?
Fast, dramatic results are guaranteed!

I know Feast Your Fat Away can do all of these wonderful things for you and more, because it’s worked so well for me and wife Kalai, and so many of my clients. Put simply, this “maverick” program gets results!

It gets results because…Feast Your Fat Away helps you make healthy food choices and eat “real” food, so you always feel satisfied and aren’t tempted to cheat! (but you’ll also get a day or two a week when you CAN cheat—and still lose weight!)

It gets results because…Feast Your Fat Away isn’t based on worn-out diet myths, but on real science, including studies that prove eating “big” at night increases fat loss. Plus this approach is more in line with how humans evolved and how we’re physiologically built to eat—so it comes more naturally!

It gets results because…Feast Your Fat Away is an eating plan you can actually DO and fit into your busy lifestyle, social life, family time, business and career, and everything else! You don’t have to spend a fortune on special diet shakes and bars, and you can find the foods you want to eat in restaurants or easily prepare them at home.

Best of all, you don’t have to wait months to see a difference in your physique and health. You can drop 10 to 15 pounds and send your energy levels skyrocketing in as little as two weeks!

You’ve got NOTHING to lose—except those extra pounds!

Fast, dramatic results can be yours—so why wait? I know you’re going to love the way you look and feel—and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’d rather give this program away than have you be less than 100% satisfied!

I spent months making this the easiest, most effective fat loss solution and based it on more than 15 years of experience as a top fitness trainer, author, and nutrition expert. That’s why I’ve made sure you risk NOTHING when you give Feast Your Fat Away a chance to work for you.

You can put this program to the test for a full 60 days without risking a penny—even though I’m confident you’ll start dropping those extra pounds and shedding body fat much sooner!

But if for any reason you’re not 100% satisfied with the program or your results, let us know before the end of your 60-day free trial period and you’ll get a full refund of the purchase price. No hassles. No questions. And no hard feelings, either.

You’ve got nothing to lose…except those extra pounds! Not only that, you’re going to get back your life and the body you want. And the food you get to eat is pretty great, too!

All it takes to get started is a quick click of the orange button below and you’ll get instant access to the complete Feast Your Fat Away program. So please don’t wait another moment!

Feast on!

Nate Miyaki

Nate Miyaki
Feast Your Fat Away Creator, Feast Your Fat Away

P.S. This is the one fat loss approach I’ve seen work where so many others fail. That’s because Feast Your Fat Away lets you eat the way you were meant to eat and makes the most of your body’s fat-burning, energy-storing, and muscle-building physiology. You’ll get everything you need to get started right now for just $37—and you can try it without risk for a full 60 days. So click the orange button right now and see what an amazing difference Feast Your Fat Away can make in your life, just like it has for so many others!

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You risk NOTHING when you give Feast Your Fat Away a chance to work for you. I invite you to put this program to the test for a full 60 days without risking a penny. You must notice a difference in how you look and feel and know Feast Your Fat Away is working for you!

I’m convinced Feast Your Fat Away can help you lose extra fat and flab from your belly, thighs, butt, and entire body…drop unwanted pounds…build more muscle and get better results from your workouts…increase your energy and mental focus all day long…improve your sleep, mood, and even your sexual performance…feel great about the way you look and feel…and so much more, just like it’s done for me and so many others.

But if for ANY reason you’re not 100% satisfied with the program or your results, just let us know before the end of your 60-day free trial period and you’ll get a full refund of the purchase price. No hassles. No questions. And no hard feelings, either. I’d rather give this program away than have you be less than 100% satisfied!

Nate Miyaki
Creator, Feast Your Fat Away

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Very lifestyle friendly!

“After implementing Nate’s suggestions, I’ve maintained a lower body fat without any negative hit in performance. And the best part is that I really only worry about ‘preparing’ one meal every day. It’s awesome for time efficiency and very lifestyle friendly. I’d recommend this diet to anyone.”

—Anthony M., Fitness Writer and Coach


40 pounds lighter!

“At 42 years of age, 6’3”, 240 pounds, and with a family history of diabetes, I needed to lose weight. Unable to motivate myself, I challenged 6 friends that also needed to lose weight and we agreed upon our own ‘Biggest Loser’ contest. Exercise was a given, but it all hinged on changing my diet. I needed help, so I turned to Nate. He gave me a diet and all the details I needed to lose weight. Following Nate’s instructions allowed me to lose a grand total of 40 pounds! Thanks again, Nate!”

—Gavin L., Accountant


52 years “young” and 12% body fat!

“Nate helped me realize that the right types of carbohydrates were not evil villains but they actually refueled muscle glycogen and prevented metabolic decline. Not only did I look leaner, but my workouts had that old power and zip back—it wasn’t age at all! With the fine-tuning advice I learned from Nate I was able to reset the clock and get to 12% body fat. And here we are one year later and 52 years ‘young’. I maintained all of my weight loss. Thanks again, Nate!”

—Paula J., Business Owner


Slimmer than ever and work out less!

“Nate’s plan has been the foundation to my successful lifestyle change. Before following Nate I worked out regularly and ate what I thought was healthy, but I was at my all-time heaviest, 145 pounds wearing a size 8. Now when I look back I wasn’t eating healthy at all. I thought eating low fat, whole wheat, 100-calorie packs, with occasional (daily) treats I was healthy. A year and half later I am down to 119 pounds wearing a size 2, I work out less and have a body I never thought was possible as a busy professional. The plan is simple—you eat real food—and Nate backs everything up with science and real research. I work at an office that is filled with cakes, cookies, candy, pizza, and take out (which contributed to my weight gain). Now I can easily turn things down, and happily eat better meals!”

—Chrissy A., Systems Operation Officer


Lost 20 pounds of fat!

“Nate has been my trainer for two years. He has provided me with a strong, structure, and flexible program that has helped keep me on track to reach my goals. Nate makes sure I understand why we’re doing what we’re doing, and also makes sure the program we built is sustainable. This was critical for me, as I’ve got a demanding job that requires travel, so having a program I could make fit into my lifestyle was paramount. In six months, I’ve lost 20 lbs. of fat while putting on significant lean muscle. I feel stronger, have a higher level of energy, and can see and feel a difference on a daily basis...Nate has helped demystify food and nutrition in very easy-to-understand ways, which ultimately allows me to think more and make better nutritional choices, regardless of where I am.”

—Matt H., PR Executive


From obese to 6% body fat!

“I've been doing this program for over a year now, but learning the reasons why white rice and potatoes were optimal sources of carbohydrates in the post workout period really helped me….I attached a photo for you to see. I thought you may find it interesting to see how your approach worked so well for the morbidly obese. The first photo was when I started at 340 pounds, and the second one is me at around the 230s when I learned about intermittent fasting and the various protocols associated with it. When I finished losing weight in April of this year, I was 150 pounds and in the 6% body fat range.”

—Jon C., Student


Fit into my cute black dresses again after 3 kids!

“Before I had three children I worked out an hour a day 5 days a week. I never ate great. I love, love, love junk food, but was blessed with a great metabolism so I didn’t sweat it. Sure I went up a size when I hit my 30’s but who doesn’t after 3 kids, right? Then I went up another size but hey, I hit 40, things change, no biggie. I wasn’t thrilled but I’m 6 feet tall so I wasn’t ‘big’. Then my clothes started getting tight. All those cute black dresses, they didn’t fit anymore. All my summer shorts, nope those didn’t fit either. Even with all these signs I wasn’t willing to make a change. Then my fiancé and I decided to get married. Nothing will give you a little motivation like fitting into a wedding dress. Instead of trying to do it “all," Nate and Kalai suggested I make 1-2 changes as a starting point. Their plan was simple and straightforward. I stuck with my plan and 3 months later I had lost 15 pounds, just from these small changes! My wedding dress looked great, I fit into my cute black dresses and it was awesome! I even had to buy new pants since my old pants were literally falling off. I plan on setting more of these smaller goals over the year, which will hopefully add up to big changes!"

—Karen M., Technology Consultant


Helped doctor get fit and look younger!

“As a physician who has undergone the rigors of medical training, I know what it means to endure and be consistent. But after years of trying various fitness programs, including working with professional trainers, I was not satisfied with the results. I needed the RIGHT kind of focus and nutritional knowledge to back up the training. Nate has shown me how to combine subtle variations in the workouts always with a primary focus on targeted nutrition to get results. His understanding of human physiology—and its response to varying stimuli—flows from him intuitively. Now, at 48-years old, I’m in the best shape of my life. My patients and their families keep telling me how healthy and youthful I look. Many have told me that I inspire them to take better care of themselves.”

—Ilyas I., M.D., Nephrology & Internal Medicine


Got off cholesterol and blood pressure drugs!

“For many years, I had borderline high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I did my best to control it by eating a low fat diet and exercising a couple times a week. I was relatively fit and thought I was eating healthy. In my late 30's, I was placed on high blood pressure medication. And in my early 40's, I started taking high cholesterol medicine. Shortly after starting the high cholesterol medication, I had a severe allergic reaction and had to stop taking all medications. Nate, my youngest brother, told me that he thought I could lower both my cholesterol and blood pressure if I followed his nutrition program. I did not believe him, but had nothing to lose, so I agreed to give it a try. By only changing what I ate, I lost about 15 pounds, which was not a goal of mine, but a pleasant result, especially given that much of the weight was in my waist line as I went down two sizes in my pants. During this time period, I did not change the amount I exercise. As a busy professional, it is difficult for me to increase the amount I exercise.

Today, roughly six years later, I eat food mostly from the refrigerator, not the cabinets, I am not on high blood pressure or high cholesterol medicine, and I maintain the weight loss that resulted from my change in lifestyle. Nate's program works, and I am so glad that I listened to my youngest brother.”

—Pat M., Lawyer and Nate’s brother


Best shape of my life!

“I've learned from Nate how to eat and exercise in a way that has me in the best shape of my life while dealing with the non-stop work schedule of a start-up founder.”

—Farbood N., Company Founder & CEO


Works for me and my clients!

“For years I had followed the typical guidelines (5-6 meals a day, no carbs at night, mostly whole grains, etc.) but had little success. After reading about Nate's approach, I decided to give it a try, though I was skeptical at first. After three months I improved my body composition, improved my strength and endurance, and dropped weight classes to capture the GFC Amateur State Title! Not only did this nutrition plan help me improve as a fighter, but as a trainer as well. Many of my clients (doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc.) and professional fighters have had great success following Nate’s nutritional guidelines. If you are serious about improving your health, body composition, and overall quality of life, then Feast Your Fat Away is a MUST!”

—Ralph O. B.Ed., Kinesiology, trainer, GFC Amateur MMA Champion

Answers from Nate Miyaki to the most
frequently-asked questions about Feast Your Fat Away

1. Who is Nate Miyaki and why should I listen to him?

I have a unique combination of formal education (post-baccalaureate studies in Kinesiology, Certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition, Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition) AND practical experience (natural bodybuilding champion, 15 years’ experience as a nutrition adviser and personal trainer).

I’ve been featured or published in major fitness magazines such as Men’s Health, Shape, Men’s Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, T-Nation, and LIVESTRONG, which are read by millions of people across the world. And where I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I’m a consultant to several company health and wellness programs, from major corporations to Silicon Valley start-ups.

Based on client and reader feedback and results, the fact that I’ve always been invited back wherever I’ve been, and have been asked to join the advisory board of some of the magazines and companies I’ve worked with, it’s fair to say I’m not bad at what I do.

But if you’re like me, you can’t stand fitness people who talk about how awesome they are. That doesn’t help YOU get results. So let me tell you why I think you should really follow me.

It’s because health, fitness, and physique enhancement is not only my career. It’s my passion. I’ve studied it from every angle possible. Do you have to become as obsessed to get results? Absolutely not. But you can certainly learn a thing or two from someone who lives and breathes this stuff from sun up to sun down.

As you’ll see, Feast Your Fat Away is more than just a book. It’s the culmination of over 15 years of researching, testing, assessing, and constantly refining in order to find what works in the real world—not just for the genetically elite, but also for an average dude like me.

As a trainer and coach for over a decade, those personal lessons and experiences have been multiplied out exponentially by getting to work with thousands of clients from all walks of life.

I’ve absorbed what was useful, left behind what wasn’t, and distilled it all down into simple and practical strategies that work.

2. I’ve just been scammed by so many other books and products in the past. Why should I believe yours is any different?

I’d love to tell you that creating this approach was purely out of the goodness of my heart, for the benefit of the world, or even just to make a buck. The first would be noble. The second would at least be understandable for anyone who knows what it’s like to try and make a living from something they love doing.

But I’d be lying. A lot of the motivation to get it right came from my own personal obsession and selfish goals. Vain and ridiculous? Yes.

To be honest, that’s the best type of teacher to learn from: the one who has something personally at stake in the matter, and is fighting right alongside you to achieve similar goals. This world is full of too many people who talk one way, but live another.

If you fail on this plan, that means I’m going to fail as well, because I’m using the exact same strategies with my family, my clients, and myself. But that’s not going to happen, because I truly believe Feast Your Fat Away is the easiest, most effective way to lose fat and keep it off forever.

3. Great, is this another one of those diet books or magazine articles that only works for fitness professionals, athletes, and models?

Absolutely not. Although I’ve worked with several professional athletes and models, most of my clients have been busy professionals with real lives and careers outside of the gym. I’ve seen what kinds of demands on their time and obstacles they deal with.

Yet most diet books, fitness/bodybuilding magazines, and online blogs ignore what actually works in the real world. They can be good sources of information, but more often than not the advice is simply not practical for people working a full time job.

Most of this “fitness fantasyland” content is written by athletes or models whose full-time job it is to be in-shape, fitness professionals who live in the gym and kitchen…twenty-something bubble gum divas who have never had a real job or career demands…meatheads who have given up everything to try and be the next Arnold…or scientists who are good at regurgitating textbook information and research, but have never actually worked with people in the real world.

Great athletes do not always make great coaches. Some of these professionals are good at finding strategies that get them into phenomenal shape, but they lack the knowledge and skills necessary to teach others to do the same, especially those with completely different lifestyles, situations, and roadblocks.

My goal has always been to help busy professionals find practical solutions to improving their body composition and biomarkers of health, without giving up their career or social life. I’m not interested in extreme competition diets or obsessive compulsive fitness plans. I’d rather give you a practical, functional, and sustainable approach that allows you to look good year-round.

4. But I’m a beginner, sedentary, and have a lot of weight to lose. Can Feast Your Fat Away work for me?

Yes, it can. I’ve seen it myself with dozens of clients who didn’t exercise and were very heavy.

Here is something most trainers (including myself) hate hearing, but it is the absolute truth – most people could reach a natural, healthy bodyweight and have good biomarkers of health with a good diet plan alone. No formal exercise necessary.

Using diet as your first wave of attack against body fat is a much faster, more effective, and more efficient strategy than trying to out-exercise a poor diet. In fact, doing some boot camp or other “kick your ass” fat burning workout—where you are completely miserable or end up getting hurt—can make you give up entirely.

If you retain only one piece of information from my experiences, I hope it's this: your nutritional habits will have a far greater impact on your body composition and physique goals, and overall health, than any other fitness component.

If you can only do one thing right now, why not start with the most important thing first?

I’ve been in the fitness industry for 15 years now, have personally trained hundreds of people, and have advised thousands more. I've worked with pro athletes, natural bodybuilders, bikini girls, fitness models, busy professionals, entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, moms, strippers, and crazy people alike.

There has been only one universal theme.

The clients who used diet as their primary weapon to improve their body composition and overall health profile were the ones who obtained the best results. They won, swiftly and quickly.

Conversely, the clients who tried to use exercise to offset a poor diet, or who thought they could eat whatever they wanted because they were exercising, obtained mediocre results at best. They tried to out-train a poor diet. And they are still fighting a battle they will never win.

In fact, for some of the busy professionals I’ve worked with as a consultant to corporate health and wellness programs, diet was ALL they used to make dramatic changes.

In other words, behind every great body composition transformation, there is a good diet plan. This efficient approach is exactly what we’ve set up for you in Feast Your Fat Away. If you start making progress and decide to step up your activity levels, great! I’ll show you how to modify your diet accordingly so you maximize your fat-burning and muscle-building results.

5. But I’m already active and want to get ripped, look great in a bikini or board shorts, etc. Should I try a different plan?

No. Feast Your Fat Away is not a single “one-size-fits-all” plan. It’s multiple, targeted plans based on a variety of activity levels and goals, along with other factors. That’s the main problem in the fitness industry: writers, coaches, and trainers proclaiming there is one universal diet that works for everyone, everywhere.

As a result, you have sedentary folks following plans better suited for athletes (and getting fat and insulin resistant)…athletes following plans better suited for sedentary people (and losing muscle, becoming “skinny-fat” despite consistent training, or even creating long-term metabolic and hormonal damage), and everyone across the board confused as hell.

Feast Your Fat Away puts an end to this madness and gets you on the right plan based on your unique situation—complete with targeted diet templates, grocery shopping lists, sample menus, and more. You’ll not only get that ideal beach physique, you’ll eat better and feel great!

6. “Eat big at night and lose fat.” This sounds like a fad diet. Is it a fad?

I know the core principle of this plan goes against everything you’ve been hearing for years. But guess what?

If everything you normally hear in the fitness industry actually worked, there’d be a lot more people walking around in shape. And those ten other diets you tried in the past would have actually worked.

But have no fear. Feast Your Fat Away not only works because it is so much more convenient, practical, and sustainable…or because of psychological advantages and social reasons…

…It works because of physiological reasons based on scientific principles and research. Every core strategy in this program is backed by science. I’ve even included dozens of references and studies for you at the end of the book so you can verify them if you want. Like this one:

Sofer et al. 2011. Greater weight loss and hormonal changes after 6 months diet with carbohydrates eaten mostly at dinner. Obesity (Silver Spring) Oct;19(10):2006-14
This study was designed to investigate the effect of a low-calorie diet with carbohydrates eaten mostly at dinner on anthropometric, hunger/satiety, biochemical, and inflammatory parameters… Greater weight loss, abdominal circumference, and body fat mass reductions were observed in the experimental diet in comparison to controls… A simple dietary manipulation of carbohydrate distribution appears to have additional benefits when compared to a conventional weight loss diet in individuals suffering from obesity. It might also be beneficial for individuals suffering from insulin resistance and the metabolic syndrome. Further research is required to confirm and clarify the mechanisms by which this relatively simple diet approach enhances satiety, leads to better anthropometric outcomes, and achieves improved metabolic response, compared to a more conventional dietary approach.

7. Great, is this book full of a bunch of scientific jargon and technical information that is going to just confuse me?

No, it’s not. But here’s the unfortunate truth: a large percentage of the health & fitness industry purposely over-complicates things in order to sell you a bunch of stuff you don’t really need… maintain some kind guru status…or make you dependent on their high priced coaching services.

As a result, you may feel like you’re suffering from “information overload”, “paralysis by over-analysis”, or simply downright confused. And confusion leads to a lack of action and results.

I don’t have a lot of skills on this Earth, but one thing I’m good at is translating complex science and distilling it down into simple, actionable strategies you can learn, easily remember, and consistently apply in the real world to achieve results.

The science is there for those who want it, but the focus of this book is on simple, straightforward, actionable strategies you can start applying today and see results fast.

I’m more concerned with getting you results than sounding smart in a classroom, or impressing fitness forum debaters. And my main goal is to empower you, not make you dependent on me.

8. How can you guarantee Feast Your Fat Away will work for me?

The honest answer is I can’t. How’s that for authenticity in an industry full of false promises and scams?

But what I can tell you is this. People of all ages, careers, body shapes, genders, professions, and from countries all around the world have gotten phenomenal results using my Feast Your Fat Away approach.

So I like the odds that this program will work for you, too. In fact, I’d put this program up against any other plan on the planet, anytime, anywhere, from the theoretical to the practical, the science to the real-world results.

All I ask is that you give it an honest shot. If it sounds good, and you think it might be something that will finally work for you, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot. After all, you can try Feast Your Fat Away for a full 60 days without risking a penny. If it doesn’t work, you’ll get your money back, no questions asked!

I sincerely hope you find something that works for you regardless.

9. I’m just tired of getting results, and then rebounding and yo-yo’ing. Some of this fitness stuff works initially, but then fizzles.

There are a variety of plans that can work in the short-term when motivation is high and you can put other aspects of your life on hold, say for an upcoming competition, or even just to update your profile on Facebook or an e-dating site.

Unfortunately, there are few that work as a long-term lifestyle plan.

If something doesn’t work as a lifestyle plan, it’s meaningless in my opinion. That’s where I think most people get tripped up and taken advantage of by the fitness industry. They chase the short-term quick fixes instead of the long-term lifestyle solutions.

Make no mistake, Feast Your Fat Away is a long-term lifestyle plan to help you lose fat and keep it off. That’s why you get strategies for shopping, cooking, eating out on the road, what to do at coffee shops and bars, etc. But that doesn’t mean you won’t start seeing results right away. I’ve seen many people drop 10 to 15 pounds in just the first two weeks using this approach!

10. But seriously, my work schedule is crazy. I travel all the time and am in meetings all day. Should I just wait until I retire to get in shape?

Nonsense. Just look at some of the testimonials of the busy professionals I’ve worked with! Feast Your Fat Away is one of the most practical plans on the planet to begin with, and it’s completely flexible and adaptable.

You can use this program to get in shape now, regardless, of your career demands and time constraints. If you can eat a good lunch and big dinner as prescribed in the book, you can get results. And you’ll get simple strategies to help you do so. It’s as simple as that!

11. What separates your plan from everyone else’s? There’s just so much information out there. I’m overwhelmed. How do I know Feast Your Fat Away is going to help, not hurt?

If you don’t have a science background and a strong filter, it is easy to get caught up in the fitness madness. There’s great information in every approach, as well as useless crap in every approach.

So here’s what I’ve done. I’ve pulled the best principles from The Paleo Diet, Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, and Intermittent Fasting protocols, cut the rest, and formulated an informed, hybrid plan based on science, studies, and human physiology and geared towards improving health, slashing fat, and keeping it off indefinitely.

What does that mean for you?

No more second guessing, jumping from plan to plan, program to program, and constantly seeking answers and solutions. Feast Your Fat Away is the only fat loss and body maintenance plan you’ll ever need, forever!

And your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

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